Why an Agency? Why Favored By God?

It’s a vulnerable position, bringing someone into your home to care for your loved one. We are bonded, licensed, and insured. We also go the extra mile by doing the following:

  • Follow up calls to clients and caregivers to ensure that the Care Plan is accurate and being followed accordingly.
  • Personal introductions with each new caregiver, so you can feel at ease when somebody new is coming to your home.
  • Supervisory visits at least twice a year.
  • 24/7 live Client Care Manager on call to answer all your questions and attend to any concern.

We’ve got experience

All our caregivers need to meet the following requirements prior to being hired:

  1. State and federal background checks;
  2. 2-step tuberculosis test that shows there’s no active tuberculosis;
  3. Physical examination showing caregiver is free of communicable diseases and is able to care for a client;
  4. DMV report; and
  5. 16 hours of training which includes CPR/ First Aid certification, 10 hours of basic caregiving training, 4 hours of orientation, and 8 yearly hours of continuing education training, to ensure that the highest levels of care are provided.

We’re there in emergencies

Favored By God Home Care Organization is available 24/7 by telephone in case of emergencies, and we work with other local agencies to ensure that our clients’ needs can be met at any time. Christmas, Thanksgiving, and any other time, we’re there when needed.

We’re there every day

By hiring Favored By God, you’re guaranteed not to worry about no-shows. We have fill-in staff available for planned days off and caregiver illness, and we have agreements with other local firms to make sure you are never left wondering who will take care of your loved one while you’re at work.

We speak your language

We can provide care in English and Spanish. (For clients with special language needs, please give us a call so we can schedule the right caregiver.)

We’re flexible

We can provide care from as little as 2 hours per shift, up to full 24/7 live-in care, and anything in between.

We can be the bad guys

And if anything goes wrong — personality conflict, no show— we’re there. We can provide replacement caregivers, manage vacation time, and accommodate any other schedule needs.

And we’re legal

We handle all payroll, withholding, and benefits so families don’t have to worry about tax issues. Our caregivers are our employees and we take full responsibility for them. 

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